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I need a help to check onTouch event on a particular bitmap among multiple bitmaps drawn onto same canvas... I can move that bitmap among all but problem is that it is moving on touch of whole canvas while it should move only on touch of that bitmaps area...

  canvas.drawBitmap(MainActivity.bmp, MainActivity.bPX[i], MainActivity.bPY[i], null);
  canvas.drawBitmap(MainActivity.bmp1, MainActivity.bPX[i], MainActivity.bPY[i], null);

here in my code the if condition in place of bmp.getDensity() i have used bmp.getWidth() but in case of that my condition never become true...

                if(mLastTouchX >= mPX[i] && mLastTouchX < (mPX[i]+bmp.getDensity()) 
                        && mLastTouchY >= mPY[i] && mLastTouchY < (mPY[i]+bmp.getDensity())

So what should i use here so that my condition becomes true...

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Hey Is there any one here who can solve my issue??? – Div S Sep 14 '12 at 8:26

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