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I love the intellisense feature of Visual Studio, including the ability to generate my own XML markup for the methods I create. However, sometimes the comments actually get in the way of seeing what I'm doing (especially when the method is a few lines long and the intellisense for it is three or four times longer than the code itself!)

Under Visual Studio 2012, it should be possible to move the intellisense markup to a separate file, adding .intellisense.js to the end of the file name and placing the files in the same directory. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it to work.

As an example, suppose the file module.js contains the following code:

var module = (function (my) {
    /// <summary>Description of the module</summary>

    my.action = function(doThis) {
        /// <summary>Take an action</summary>
        /// <param type="String">Do this action</param>
        /// <returns type="String" />
        return doThis.toLowerCase();

    return my;
}(module || {}));

I've tried creating a file in the same directory called module.intellisense.js and moving the XML comments from module.js into here:

intellisense.annotate(module, {
    'action': function() {
        /// <summary>Take an action</summary>
        /// <param type="String">Do this action</param>
        /// <returns type="String" />

intellisense.annotate(window, {
    'module': function() {
        /// <summary>Description of the module</summary>

After saving the files, I hit CtrlShiftJ to force the intellisense to update, then give it a moment to think. Afterward, when I type module.action(, I get no intellisense assistance. What needs to be done to make functional, custom external-file JavaScript intellisense in Visual Studio 2012?

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Are you testing this in building a Windows Store app, or a web site project? Also, it looks like you have an extra closing paren at the end of the module definition: (module || {})); – Jordan Matthiesen Sep 6 '12 at 23:48
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  1. You have an extra closing parenthesis in your example of module.js, so it can be a problem.
  2. As I understand, module.intellisense.js is not apply to module.js itself. But other files, that will use module.js works fine.
  3. Changes in module.intellisense.js are not apply immediately, even if use Ctrl+Shift+J - need some time or an actions with file.
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Great answer! The first point was moot; the extra parenthesis was a typo when writing the question. However, your second point was critical...I was trying to get the intellisense to work within module.js. Once I went to a different file, the intellisense was working. – saluce Sep 13 '12 at 16:00
As I realised, IntelliSense updates automaticaly. Ctrl+Shift+J no makes sence if you use local files only, this hot keys updates remote files (scripts inluded via http://). – Roman Dvornov Sep 14 '12 at 10:14

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