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My newsstand app only offers one subscription and it is free. I know newsstand apps will be rejected if they do not use iTunes Connect subscriptions.

Will apple care that I never validate the receipt. The only thing I use the receipt for is to determine if they have subscribed or not and if they have then I register for push notifications.

Also, it doesn't seem like the concept of an "issue" as in the issue information that is posted to iTunes Connect is strictly necessary....

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@Revanth I think 1 issue is necessary in 3 months, i.e ,4 issues in a year. but as you saying issue is not mandatory can you please provide any link in favour of your answer related to that issue part, i am also looking for this answer. Thanks

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Receipt validation is not mandatory for a Newsstand app approval.

The issues part is also not mandatory unless you provide the default cover art for your app.

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