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I am trying out Redis on Appharbor in an MVC4 application. I am using the ServiceStack C# client for Redis. Everything was working when using the RedisClient from ServiceStack.Redis. However, because I only plan to use Redis for caching, I attempted to wire up the ICacheClient that ServiceStack provides as a wrapper. Here is my StructureMap configuration (

x.For<IRedisClientsManager>().Use(() => new PooledRedisClientManager(redisUrl));
x.For<ICacheClient>().Use(c => c.GetInstance<IRedisClientsManager>().GetCacheClient());

My problem is that the PooledRedisClientManager is throwing error, "input string was not in a correct format" when I use the Redis-to-Go URL provided by Appharbor. Here is what that looks like:


If I replace the Redis-to-Go URL with localhost:5051 everything works. What am I missing?

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Prefixing a redis:// is not any known redis convention - it must be a RedisToGo or AppHarbor convention.

ServiceStack's C# RedisClient supports standard "password@host:port" convention, e.g:

container.Register(c => new PooledRedisClientManager(
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that does not work. I tried password@host:port, no success.... do u have an alternative? – jaxxbo Jul 20 '13 at 18:53
Doesn't work, yet is marked as accepted....hmm. – ganders Mar 4 '14 at 20:58

Something like this worked for me:

container.Register(c => new PooledRedisClientManager(
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After some trial and error this works.

string redisUrl = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["REDISTOGO_URL"].Replace("redis://",    "").Replace("redistogo:","").Replace("/", "");
ControllerBuilder.Current.SetControllerFactory(new FunqControllerFactory(container));
SetConfig(new HostConfig{HandlerFactoryPath = "api"});
container.Register<IRedisClientsManager>(c => new PooledRedisClientManager(redisUrl));
container.Register<IDbRepository>(r => new DbRepository(r.Resolve<IRedisClientsManager>()));
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