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I am a novice coder and I am using the following code to outprint a set of Image keywords and input a "|" between them.

<% Set allKeywords = new HashSet();
for (AlbumObject ao : currentObjects) {
XmpManager mgr = ao.getXmpManager();
if (mgr != null) {
//get the Iterator
Iterator itr = allKeywords.iterator();
  String str =;
out.println(str +"|");   
} %>

I want the output to be like this:


but it prints out:


which breaks my code. I've tried this:

str.replaceAll("\n", "");  
str.replaceAll("\r", ""); 


str.replaceAll("(?:\\n|\\r)", ""); 

No luck. I'd really appreciate some help!

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Just use out.print instead. That way you don't have to contend with the unwanted newlines.

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Well, a Duh moment for me. thanks. Each one a learning experience and humbling! – Macsupport Aug 30 '12 at 21:39
@Mike No worries. I'm sure I was several weeks into learning Java before I found out about plain print. – Bill the Lizard Aug 30 '12 at 21:42

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