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I am using ASP.NET Mvc to display a JQuery dialog that has a few input fields. I now need these fields to submitted to an action method like how a normal HTML submit button would work on an ASP .NET MVC application and i want to harvest data in dialog to Mvc controller. How do I accomplish this?

This is my data form

<% Html.BeginForm("EditTest", "Item"); %>
               <td><input id="ItemId" name="ItemId" type="text" disabled="disabled" /></td>
               <td><input id="CatId" name="CatId" type="text" />
                   <%--<%= Html.DropDownList("CatId", ViewData["AllCategory"] as SelectList)%>--%></td>
               <td><input id="SaleOffId" name="SaleOffId" type="text"/></td>
               <td><input id="UnitId" name="UnitId" type="text" /></td>
               <td><input id="ItemCode" name="ItemCode" type="text" /></td>
               <td><input id="ItemName" name="ItemName" type="text" /></td>
               <td><input id="UnitCost" name="UnitCost" type="text"/></td>
               <td><input id="QuantityRemaining" name="QuantityRemaining" type="text"/></td>
        <% Html.EndForm(); %>

and this my script

$(function() {
            bgiframe: true,
            autoOpen: false,
            height: 300,
            modal: true,
            buttons: {
                "Save": function() {
                    var id = $("#ItemId").val(),
		            catid = $("#CatId").val(),
		            unitid = $("#UnitId").val(),
		            saleoffid = $("#SaleOffId").val(),
		            name = $("#ItemName").val(),
		            code = $("#ItemCode").val(),
		            price = $("#UnitCost").val(),
		            stock = $("#QuantityRemaining").val();

                    $("#dialog form").attr("post", "/Item.aspx/EditTest/" + $("#ItemId").val());


                Cancel: function() {
            close: function() {

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Use serialize() function in jQuery:

        function(response) {alert(response);});

Then use default model binder in controller method:

public ActionResult fooAction(MyObject myObject){
    //update your object

If input fields will be named like "myObject.Name", it will automatically bind them.

If you need to serialize input fields for container which isn't form - use this jQuery plugin.

If you are looking for more sophisticated approaches - i recommend you to check MvcContrib.

Another nice article about binding.

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you could use the jQuery Form plugin:


and call

$('#dialog form').ajaxForm(options); 

which will just do a regular post to the EditTest controller... and you wont need to read each of the fields into javascript vars

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