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I'm having bother with delayed_job using the active_record fork (link).

In the controller:

guide =, current_user)   

in the Rightsguide ruby class:

require 'delayed_job'
require 'delayed/tasks'
require 'prawn'
require 'open-uri'

class Runrightsguide

  def run(works, current_user)
    pdf =, current_user)
    filename     = "#{Rails.root}/public/#{}_rightsguide.pdf"
    pdf_file =
    archive = => current_user)
    archive.pdf = pdf_file!

    User.find(current_user).notice "<a href='/rightsguide_archives' target='_blank'>View Rights Guide</a>", :level => :notice, :sticky => true, :title => "AIs generated." 


The above works fine, but when I use one of the delayed_job calls such as handle_asynchronously :run after the run method I get wrong number of arguments (2 for 1).

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Hmm. Turns out the @works argument was the problem. It's an ActiveRecord relation. Delayed_job didn't like it. Turning the relation into an array of IDs did the job.

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