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I have a MCV3 application in godaddy serves and the session is quite unstable. When I login it works fine but while navigating in the application it logs me out, and hitting refresh or navigating a little more inside the application in logs me in just like that(without asking credentials or anything). On my remote test servers and local in works fine.

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This is probably not a session issue but rather an authentication cookie/ticket issue. GoDaddy (most likely) has their servers load balanced. Meaning that your application actually exists on more than one server at a time.

In your web.config, if you are not properly defining the <machineKey> attribute, then IIS makes up a machine key for you. Each server running the application will make their own machine key if it is not defined by you. As a result, one server is able to decrypt and read your authentication ticket, while the next request goes to another server which cannot decrypt the authentication ticket because it was encrypted with a different key and this server thinks that you are not logged in.

To address this issue, open your web.config file and define your <machineKey> attribute and redeploy. Once you login with the newly deployed application, you should see this issue disappear.

Forms authentication and Machine Key information on MSDN

Machine Key Generator

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I can’t express myself how grateful I ‘am toward you right now. Thank you. This was it. –  memeonline Aug 30 '12 at 23:06
Epic. Not only is this correct, but it is explained perfectly and in detail. Very nice, this also helped me. –  Travis J Mar 21 '13 at 1:18

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