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I have a really simple bit of code that I'm trying to in Ms Access 2010. I want a control on a form to open a word document. I've tried several things but the simplest piece of code I've cobbled together is as follows:

Private Sub CmdWord_Click()

Set wordApp = GetObject(, "Word.Application")

    With wordApp
        .Visible = True
        Set wordDoc = .Documents.Add

    End With

End Sub

This compiles but when I run it without Word being open I get "run time 429 error: activex component can't create object.

With Word open I get a new document opening.

I have tried updating references to ADO 6.0 to no avail. I'm new to VBA so any help appreciated.

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You can generally open a file with the registered application with FollowHyperlink.

 FollowHyperlink "z:\docs\word.docx"

Otherwise, you can use CreateObject when Word is not running.

On Error Resume Next
Set oWord = GetObject(,"Word.Application")

If Err.Number <> 0 Then
   Set oWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
End If

oWord.Visible = True
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Thanks Remou. The FollowHyperlink was sufficient. – Oliver Burdekin Aug 31 '12 at 17:19

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