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How to find matching begin and end statements in SQL Server Management Studio 2012? I have a very long stored proc with several levels of multi page nested if statements. The SQL is already formatted. My question is very similar to this one but I am using SSMS 2012 which now uses Visual Studio Shell. I was wondering if MS added this functionality or if there's an external tool or SSMS plugin that does it.

Otherwise I will have to resort to the solutions in the old question.

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I seem to be able to get code collapsing for BEGIN / END no problem. Observe my settings under Tools > Options > Text Editor > Transact-SQL:

enter image description here

And note that I have IntelliSense enabled, with "outline statements" checked, under Tools > Options > Text Editor > Transact-SQL > IntelliSense:

enter image description here

The line numbers really help. If I collapse a line that contains a BEGIN, the next line number is the one after the END:

enter image description here

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This is not an answer, I don't have enough reputation to comment yet.

Other than the solutions pointed in the other topic you mentioned I don't think there is a way. What I do is, delete the END, write the END again, it will grey out and the BEGIN that matches this ENDwill grey out as well. Then I just search through the code for grey words.

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Function that you need is called Edit.GotoBrace and is present in SSMS v 2008 as well as 2012. It has different shortcuts, depending on language version of your ssms. I have SSMS2008 EN and SSMS2012 German, my keyboard layout is german. So Shortcuts are:

SSMS 2008 EN

Just find matching begin/end

Edit.GotoBrace Text Editor::Ctrl+´

the same, but also extend selection

Edit.GotoBraceExtend Text Editor::Ctrl+Shift+´

SSMS 2012 German

Edit.GotoBrace (Bearbeiten.GehezuKlammer) Text-Editor::Ctrl+´

Edit.GotoBrace (Bearbeiten.GehezuKlammer) Text-Editor::Ctrl+9

Edit.GotoBraceExtend (Bearbeiten.ErweiternbisKlammer) Text-Editor::Ctrl+Shift+´

Edit.GotoBraceExtend (Bearbeiten.ErweiternbisKlammer) Text-Editor::Ctrl+Shift+9

In SSMS 2012 you can use native keyboard shortcut manager to view/change the shortcut for this or any other command. But: Native command has one disadvantage: you have to be on begin/end to jump to paired token.

I develop a free add-in for ssms and have implemented yesterday improved function, that allows to jump to parent begin/end tag from any position in nested code. It will be available in next release. So if you like my idea - wait till next release. Add-in is called SSMSBoost. I have also used it to find quickly answer to your question: - it has "Dump SSMS Shortcuts" & "Dump SSMS commands" functions, which makes a full list of all available functions in ssms (and it allows to re-define shortcuts in SSMS2008, where shortcuts manager is abscent)

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Update: as promised, we have implemented "go to BEGIN/END" in SSMSBoost add-in. Now Ctrl+Shift-UpArrow will navigate to BEGIN and Ctrl+Shift-DownArrow will navigate to END – Andrei Rantsevich Dec 19 '12 at 0:25

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