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Just like the poster of this question, I am confused about google api scopes.

I would like full access to the Drive API. I request a token like this:

private static final String AUTH_TOKEN_TYPE = "oauth2:https://www.googleapis.com/auth/drive";
accountManager.getAuthToken(account, AUTH_TOKEN_TYPE, null, this, new AccountManagerCallback<Bundle>() {
        public void run(AccountManagerFuture<Bundle> future) {

However I always get a screen telling me "Couldn't sign in. A problem occurred while communicating with Google servers. Please try again later."

Of course I made sure that internet access through the browser is working normally.

Also, I don't see any difference with what this guy did, who has no problems.

And last, in the second post I mentioned, user Nivco confirms that the use of Drive API is quite limited. Can someone confirm that I cannot create files or set permissions? If this is the case, this api has no value for me.

NOTE: I don not use any options, which seem to be used in the second post I mentioned. But I don't know which are available

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To answer your last question, you can create files and set permissions (and do many other things) with the Drive API v2:


Just note that the API has multiple scopes you can request and what you can do with the API varies according to them.

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I tried again with the same device a day later, and everything seems all right. So either the server refused me because of too many failed attempts, or the cached key in device memory was still being used...

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So... how can this be debugged? –  ArtOfWarfare Sep 6 '12 at 13:28
You might try first getting a token and then passing that to invalidateToken to force the accountManager to request a new one. But I think waiting a day is acceptable. –  Nino van Hooff Sep 6 '12 at 13:51

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