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For the convenience of the readers, let me start with my short question first.

Is the document opened with UIWebView stays on my app's sandbox?

The reason why I want to know that is, I want to open documemt(doc, ppt, xls, pdf, etc..) files from my app.

There are several ways to do that,

1) using external static PDF library like fastpdfkit

2) using UIWebView to open PDF file with URL.

or, call UIDocumentInteractionController to pass my file to another app(it is not inside my app).

But my client's requirement is,

a) Do not let the other app open or read our app's document

b) Do not let the memory has data of opened document.

I simply think when I use external library, it is definitely the file stays on my app's sandbox and no other apps can read it. Also, I can manage my memory so I can wipe out the data. But I need to include a library for each file format, and it makes my app bigger and messy.

Besides, using UIWebView is easier to implement(not requiring inclusion of any library, and also supports doc, ppt, and many other documents). However, I am concerning about the sandbox. I want my file not to be shown, or not to be copied to any other applications, and not to be remain on any application after the closing of the document. If UIWebView is out of my app's sandbox, then I cannot wipe the memory and cannot ensure that any other app does not have the info of my document.

By that requirement, I cannot use "UIDocumentInteractionController" to open the document (it gives my file to other app's sandbox)

So, is the document opened with UIWebView stays on the same sandbox with my App?

Or, the file URL passed to the document viewer or something that is used inside the UIWebView class?

AFAIK, UIWebView run as separate thread, and in iOS each process has its own sandbox and thread cannot have own sandbox, so UIWebView stays at the same sandbox.

So I think I can wipe out the memory that has been used by UIWebView for reading PDF if I know the address.

Am I correct?

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"Do not let the memory has data of opened document." - sorry, if you open a document in a view, it'll be eventually loaded into memory... –  user529758 Aug 30 '12 at 23:41
Thanks for the comment. What I meant is "After the closing of the document and the app, no data must be left on the memory(even it has been deallocated, the app should wipe out). –  Marc Kim Aug 31 '12 at 0:49

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