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I have an ajax-form to send the points and with these points I find the shortest path between these two points.

All this works without ajax, just send the data to the server and re-render the page and all that stuff, but I need this work with ajax

The problem is I can't send/upload the data(json) I generate in the server(controller + model) to the client(view)

I'm doing this (1) and how I said it works whitout ajax


# views/places/finder.html.erb    
<%= form_tag({controller: "places", action: "found"}, remote: true) do %>
    <%= hidden_field_tag :lon_s %> # 
    <%= hidden_field_tag :lat_s %> # these fields are updated automatically
    <%= hidden_field_tag :lon_t %> # with clicks the user do on the map 
    <%= hidden_field_tag :lat_t %> #

    <%= submit_tag "Buscar ruta", id: 'buscar_ruta' %>
<% end -%>

def found
    res = Way.path_cost_from(params[:lon_s].to_f, params[:lat_s].to_f, 
                             params[:lon_t].to_f, params[:lat_t].to_f)
    @costo = res[:cost]
    gon.poly = Way.get_way(res[:edges])
    @path = Way.get_way(res[:edges])

console.log <%= @costo %> #this show the cost in the console, it works.
console.log <%= gon.poly %> #undefined local variable or method `gon'
console.log <%= @path %> #Error: Parse error on line 3: Unexpected ':'

Before in the ajax-less version I use the gon gem, to pass the points needed for the Google maps API need to show/build a polyline.

if gon.poly?
  poly = gon.poly
  MAP.addPolyline poly

poly is an object I build in a json format.

each do |point|
    path << { lon: unprojected_point.x, lat: unprojected_point.y }
return path

If you like you can see my project in my github account https://github.com/figuedmundo/final

I was looking for examples to do this but the only examples I found was to render some html code for update the page (the normal ajax), but the google maps api is just javascript, please help me.

Thanks in advance... And sorry for my English


The idea of my code might not be the optimal but it works and in the end that's what the client want.

The problem was that the variable @path that was passed to the view automatically was scaped so the json object wasn't readable. html_safe do the trick

console.log <%=  @path.html_safe %>
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I think you could try to use <%= f.submit_tag "Buscar ruta", id: 'buscar_ruta' %> Instead of <%= submit_tag "Buscar ruta", id: 'buscar_ruta' %

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actually if I put the f. it shows me an error undefined method 'submit_tag' for nil:NilClass becouse for the form_tag helper there is not necesary the |f| after the do, that was my mistake. –  figuedmundo Sep 27 '12 at 0:36

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