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Besides click, mouseover, and mouseleave, are there any other events for jQuery's on() function or are those the main uses for on()? I can't find any documentation on it.

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It's not a jQuery thing (for the most part) - it's a JavaScript thing. input, change, focus, blur, mousedown, mouseup, touchstart, keydown, keyup, ... – Ryan O'Hara Aug 30 '12 at 23:57
There are many more. Have a look at – Andrew Aug 30 '12 at 23:57
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You can use built-in DOM events or you can create your own events. Here's a list of some of the built-in DOM events (all events don't occur on all types of objects):

  • click
  • dblclick
  • mousedown
  • mouseup
  • mouseover
  • mousemove
  • mouseout
  • keydown
  • keyup
  • keypress
  • load
  • unload
  • abort
  • error
  • resize
  • scroll
  • select
  • change
  • submit
  • reset
  • focus
  • blur
  • focusin
  • focusout
  • touchstart
  • touchend
  • touchmove
  • touchenter
  • touchleave
  • touchcancel
  • cut
  • copy
  • paste
  • beforecut
  • beforecopy
  • beforepaste
  • contextmenu
  • drag
  • dragstart
  • dragenter
  • dragover
  • dragleave
  • dragend
  • drop
  • selectstart
  • beforeunload
  • readystatechange
  • beforeprint
  • afterprint

See for a decent description of most of these.

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+1 for the complete list and Ref :) – sabithpocker Aug 31 '12 at 0:15
You can create your own events as well. – Parris Aug 31 '12 at 1:43

on() can be used for anything. It is just a way to delegate events to a specific DOM element.

Check out: It will tell you how to "convert" bind, live, delegate functions into the new "on" method.

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In addition to Parris anwser you can do

$("#whatever").on("my.awesome_event", function(event, one, two, three){
    // stuff ...

$("#whatever").trigger("my.awesome_event", [1,2,3]);

In this example variables one, two, three will have values 1, 2, 3.

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You could use any built in events (change, focus, mousedown, blur, touchstart, etc...) or you can make your own events and bind them even!

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I use jQuery's on for both built-in DOM events such as change, click, blur, etc. and my own custom events within classes. For most classes I want custom events for, I will do this: = $({});

I can then bind custom events like this:"myCustomEvent", function(e) {
     // Do something

And I can trigger like this:"myCustomEvent");
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