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.Net framework 3.5 has been installed in a PC. In that PC, I like to install the application which developed using .Net 1.1 framework.

Should I install .Net 1.1? If I do that will it cause any problems?

Thanks, P.Gopalakrishnan.

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.NET 3.5 installs .NET 1.1 also. Hence in general the app will run fine. But Vista onwards you need to separately install a special .NET 1.1 re-distributable.

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You mean from windows 7 onwards, I have to separately install .Net 1.1? –  gopal Aug 3 '09 at 5:44
No not only Windows 7,Vista & Windows 2008 too. Vista has .NET 2 (without .NET 1.1) pre installed. –  Ganesh R. Aug 3 '09 at 5:51
Ok, Can I install .Net 1.1 on top of .Net 2 (preinstalled)? –  gopal Aug 3 '09 at 5:58
Yes. There is a special vway to install .NET 1.1 on Vista. mydigitallife.info/2007/12/27/… –  Ganesh R. Aug 3 '09 at 6:04

As far as I know, the frameworks are mostly backward compatible. So try running the app on 3.5.

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