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I have a modest but growing collection (~20) of PowerPoint presentations that are all based on the same master slide. What I would like to do is to ensure that if I create a new layout or modify an existing layout on any of those files that I can update all of the other presentations to reflect this programatically. Here is my attempt. I have shown the error that it generates above the line.

Sub UpdateTemplates()

Dim colFiles As New Collection
Dim vFile As Variant
Dim ppPres As Presentation

RecursiveDir colFiles, "C:\Users\Debra\Dropbox\School\Mathematics\Notes\Data", "*.pptm", True

For Each vFile In colFiles
    Debug.Print "Updating templates in " & vFile
    Set ppPres = Presentations.Open(vFile)
    ppPres.ApplyTemplate ("C:\Users\Debra\Dropbox\School\Mathematics\Notes\Topic Blank.potm")

Next vFile

End Sub
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First, it seems you cannot set the SlideMaster property directly. However, you could try a different approach.

If you want to set the template to an open presentation or a reference to a Presentation object:


If you want to set the template to a file on disk:


Second, I don't quite understand the logic in your loops. First you get a list of files to loop, then you loop all open presentations and open the file vFile once for every time you don't get a match? That would open each vFile several times if you have many unrelated presentations open.

My suggestion:

  1. Close all open presentations
  2. Loop colFiles
  3. Set the template with the ApplyTemplate("C:\PATH-TO-FILE.potx") command (using ActivePresentation can sometimes lead to unexpected results :-) )
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Great catch on the loop logic! –  debragail Sep 1 '12 at 0:18
I'll see how I go with the template. I'm not using a template at the moment. Perhaps I should be. I'll let you know, –  debragail Sep 1 '12 at 0:19
Unfortunately although no error messages are generated the slide masters are not updated. –  debragail Sep 1 '12 at 10:02
@debragail Same problem using both methods (ActivePresentation and template)? –  Olle Sjögren Sep 2 '12 at 7:43

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