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I did checkout of my codebase via

'svn co svn+ssh://radek@repository.server.com/var/lib/svne2/edumate2/trunk/ trunk/'

I wrote little web application to do merge and check in into the code base that works nicely. Now I want to make this application available for developers. Right now all commits are made under my name.

How can I do commit under different svn user?

I tried svn --username kon ci -m 'EDU-8319 into trunk' /srv/www/htdocs/merging/trunk and the commit went successfully but under my name. svn didn't display any error nor asked for kon's password.

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You're using svn+ssh, so svn will ignore the --username parameter (since the SVN server will just use your login username).

Try svn relocate svn+ssh://<new-user>@repository.server.com/var/lib/svne2/edumate2/trunk/, then committing.

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What would the relocate do? Is that time consuming? The repository contains like 15000 files. –  Radek Aug 31 '12 at 1:03
Relocate basically changes the repository URL. It is almost entirely a local operation; the repository is only contacted to ensure it has the same UUID and path. It should be relatively quick (few minutes at worst). –  nneonneo Aug 31 '12 at 1:07

Another option is to add a config file to your ~/.ssh directory so svn+ssh always uses this user:

Host svn.server.hostname
  User svn.username

For more info check: http://www.highlevelbits.com/2007/04/svn-over-ssh-prompts-for-wrong-username.html

If found this solution via tjstankus @ Subversion ignoring "--password" and "--username" options

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