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Thanks for any help! First off, i have a text file, text.txt, saved in my matlab folder. I would like to read this file, and have the text displayed when i run the program. I also only want to display up to a certain point in the text with the word Goal.

fid = fopen('text.txt', 'r+');

fprintf(fid, '%s');


This is my first part, without displaying up to the certain point of text. What i think i did was open up the file for reading, then print the document, then close the file. I don't get any errors or anything, but also don't see the document getting reprinted. Any ideas on how to get it printed would help!

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here fprintf(fid, '%s') means to print stuff to that file.


fscanf(fid, '%s', s)

to read from file.


s = 'abc'
fprintf(fid, '%s', s)

to print to that file. and if you need to print to that file, you should use

fid = fopen('text.txt', 'rw+')
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s=textscan(fid,'%s','delimiter','\n');%u get array of lines, drop the delimiter part to get an array of words

%print out line by line on the screen, or do what ever you want with array of strings ss

while i < j;%or insert string compare to your 'Goal' word here to stop output if u have array of words in ss like while ~strcmp(ss(i+1),'Goal') or use strfind function to find your key word in lines of text<br>

Hope it helps

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