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Is there a built-in function to extract all characters in a string up until the first occurrence of a space?

Say the string is:

Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus

I want to be able to get the substring:


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You can do it in two functions:

newstring = mystring.Substring(0, mystring.IndexOf(" "))

Although that will fail if there's no space in mystring.

So you could pull out mystring.IndexOf(" ") into a variable and check whether it's -1 (no space found) before you try to use it in Substring.

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The first solution you can use is a simple IndexOf

string GetFirstWord(string source)
    int index = source.IndexOf(" ");

    if (index == -1) return source;
    else return source.Substring(0, index);

The second solution can be used if you want to keep all words into a string array.

string[] GetWords(string source)
    return source.Split(' ');

if you only want the first word, you can use it like this :

string word = GetWords("Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus")[0];
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And a VB.NET solution. No, it can't be done with one built-in method; you need two:

Left(myString, InStr(myString, " ") - 1)

And like the other solutions you need to check InStr doesn't return 0 if myString may not contain a space.

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