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I have the following line in my Grails application to set the default timezone to UTC:


I have an Audit entity with a dateCreated field:

class Audit {
    Date dateCreated
    String message

Then I create and save an instance of it:

def audit = new Audit(message: "Testing audit message")

This will save it to my database correctly as UTC time. However, when I try to read it back:

audit = Audit.get(1)

The timestamp is read back as local time instead. So if my timezone is +1 UTC and the current local time is 12:34:56 BST, what will be saved to the database is 11:34:56, but when I read it back, it becomes 11:34:56 BST. Does anybody know how to fix this problem so that Grails will read the timestamp back as UTC and convert it accordingly?

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in Bootstrap.groovy And



Source : This thread

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