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I want to copy itemarray[4] of datatable to itemarray[6] of that datatable. I used this code and I didn’t see any changes:

foreach (DataRow dr_row in dt_table.Rows)
    foreach (var field_value in dr_row.ItemArray)
        object cell_data = field_value;
        if (dr_row.ItemArray[6].ToString() == "")
            dr_row.ItemArray[6] = dr_row.ItemArray[4];
        original_data += cell_data.ToString();
    original_data += Environment.NewLine;
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First of all never do this:

dr_row.ItemArray[6].ToString() == ""

Change it to this:

dr_row.ItemArray[6].ToString() == String.Empty



However, that is just good practice. Now, to the problem that you are facing.

What the Itemarray does is, it creates a new array from the row, so that if you change the array, you do not change the row.

Do this:

dr_row[6] = dr_row[4];

Should work.

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Why should you you never do == "" ? – aquinas Aug 31 '12 at 3:55
Well the main reason is readabilty, but you can argue about that. the second reason is that when you use a "" or a " " its a String object for in the assembly, its true that if u use "" in evry part of your code it will still be the same object, but whay create a new object if there is a static one inside the String object? – David Limkys Aug 31 '12 at 4:55

Try this,

 foreach (DataRow dr_row in dt_table.Rows)
     dr_row[6] = dr_row[4];

and use System.Text.StringBuilder to append data.

 System.Text.StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
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