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I'm trying to setup for a method which will run:

dataAccess.Setup(x => x.GetCars(It.IsAny<CarFilter>()));

Ok, so I'm saying to setup the method GetCars when it is passed any object of type CarFilter.

I want to make this a little more specific.

I want to make it so it will setup when it is passed any object of type CarFilter when the property on CarFilter Color = "Red".

Does anybody know how to write this?

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You can put a condition on the match using It.Is(...)

public class Car {
    public string Color { get; set; }

public interface IFoo {
   void DoIt(Car car);

public void PassesWhenRed() {

    var mockFoo = new Mock<IFoo>();

    var redCar = new Car { Color = "Red" };

    mockFoo.Verify(mk=>mk.DoIt(It.Is<Car>(car => car.Color == "Red")));   // Passes


public void FailsWhenNotRed() {

    var mockFoo = new Mock<IFoo>();

    var blueCar = new Car { Color = "Blue" };

    mockFoo.Verify(mk=>mk.DoIt(It.Is<Car>(car => car.Color == "Red")));  // Fails

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Ended up needing:

dataAccess.Setup(x => x.GetCars(It.Is<CarFilter>(z => z.Color == "Red")));
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