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I'm using the llvm-fs bindings and one method I would like to call is createJITCompilerForModule which is an extern to the native method LLVMCreateJITCompilerForModule in the LLVM C api. The author of llvm-fs has stated he can't make a 'nice' version of this function call in F#:

createJITCompilerForModule in llvm-fs:Generated.fs:

extern bool createJITCompilerForModuleNative(
    void* (* LLVMExecutionEngineRef* *) OutJIT,
    void* (* LLVMModuleRef *) M,
    uint32 OptLevel,
    void* OutError)
// I don't know how to generate an "F# friendly" version of LLVMCreateJITCompilerForModule

Do you know how I would call this function from F#, or even what the native one does? It looks like it has an 'out parameter' for OutJIT (as the native code reassigns a thing the void* points to). Here is the native function:

LLVMCreateJITCompilerForModule in llvm-c:ExecutionEngineBindings.cpp:

LLVMBool LLVMCreateJITCompilerForModule(LLVMExecutionEngineRef *OutJIT,
                                        LLVMModuleRef M,
                                        unsigned OptLevel,
                                        char **OutError) {
    std::string Error;
    EngineBuilder builder(unwrap(M));
    if (ExecutionEngine *JIT = builder.create()) {
        *OutJIT = wrap(JIT);
        return 0;
    *OutError = strdup(Error.c_str());
    return 1;
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Have you tried calling it from F# in the obvious way (just as a normal function)? It seems like everything is correct – John Palmer Aug 31 '12 at 4:33
What specifically is your question? What to pass for void*? Most likely nativeint. – Daniel Aug 31 '12 at 15:51
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The actual function I wanted to use was a special hand made one as it couldn't be generated. I've put it here as an example of how to call it:


let private createEngineForModuleFromNativeFunc
        (nativeFunc : (nativeint * nativeint * nativeint) -> bool)
        (moduleRef : ModuleRef) =

    use outEnginePtr = new NativePtrs([|0n|])
    use outErrPtr = new NativePtrs([|0n|])
    let createFailed =
            nativeFunc (
    if createFailed then
        let errStr = Marshal.PtrToStringAuto (Marshal.ReadIntPtr outErrPtr.Ptrs)
        Marshal.FreeHGlobal (Marshal.ReadIntPtr outErrPtr.Ptrs)
        failwith errStr
        ExecutionEngineRef (Marshal.ReadIntPtr outEnginePtr.Ptrs)

let createJITCompilerForModule (modRef : ModuleRef) (optLvl : uint32) =
    let f (engPtr, modPtr, outErrPtr) =
        createJITCompilerForModuleNative (engPtr, modPtr, optLvl, outErrPtr)

    createEngineForModuleFromNativeFunc f modRef
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I see you've figured it out yourself. FYI if you hit other bumps there's a better chance that I'll see it at!forum/llvm-fs – Keith Sep 18 '12 at 16:53

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