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So, I have windows 7 env at work and I am a big linux fan.

I have requested the permission for dual boot my operating system or load vmware with ubuntu as second disk.

But someone told me, that I can create my own environment in a flash disk.

Is it true. I want to install ubuntu and hadoop libraries in it permanently.

I hope that the question is making sense.

Please let me know if it is possible.


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This what you're looking for?

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See also You can start the image and use it as a Live CD – Srdjan Grubor Aug 31 '12 at 4:08
Can I also like install libraries in it and it will stay in it?? – Fraz Aug 31 '12 at 4:09
See "step 4" on the first image: Persistent changes ;) – SamuelDavis Aug 31 '12 at 4:10

I don't know exactly how, but i know it's possible. you need to make your flash disk (as usb key) to be bootable. when the com will open, if the flash disk is before "main" disk in the booting sequence, it will boot on your famous ubuntu :P

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