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I have list of category. I need a list of category by excluding 2,3 row. Can we achieve through hibernate by using Criteria and Restriction?

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Your question is somewhat unclear. Assuming "Category" is a root entity and "2,3" are ids (or values of some property of the category") you can exclude them using the following:

Criteria criteria = ...; // obtain criteria from somewhere, like session.createCriteria() 
     // replace "id" below with property name, depending on what you're filtering against"id", new long[] {2, 3})

Same can be done with DetachedCriteria.

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It works... Thanks ChssPly76.. – Shashi Aug 4 '09 at 13:50
 Session session=(Session) getEntityManager().getDelegate();
        Criteria criteria=session.createCriteria(RoomMaster.class);
//restriction used or inner restriction ...
        criteria.add(Restrictions.not("roomNumber",new String[] { "GA8", "GA7"})));
        List<RoomMaster> roomMasters=criteria.list();
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