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Im new to Redis. I completly installed two instances of Redis , one master one slave.

i tested some insert/get functions with simple "1" as key and "Hello from Redis" as value. I also tested with some simple class like

public class Test{

public Guid ID{get;set;}
public string Name{get;set;}


But when i implemented in my project and when i try to store some call from DB, client stuck. My CPU is 30% and Visual Studio dont response if i dont close debug webserver from task manager.

My code is

 var  FromDB = db.Profiles.SingleOrDefault(p => p.UserID == UserID);

 var client = new RedisClient("ip", 6379).As<Profile>();


When i close Visual Studio from task manager, i get this error enter image description here

When i try to store simple key/value, everything works

var client = new RedisClient("ip",6379);

bool success = client.Set("4", new Test{ID = new Guid(), Name ="Value"});

I`m totally new to Redis and maybe i make simple mistake..

I have debug points before and after this code, my code never get after this code.

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Make sure your models you use are "clean POCOs" that don't have any cyclical relationships.

So if Profiles is a Data Model, you need to map it to a clean DTO without cyclical deps.

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That was the problem :). Solved! – Novkovski Stevo Bato Sep 1 '12 at 0:18

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