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I have a problem in my Wordpress installation. The root folder of my server has a working wordpress application. And then, I created another folder within the root and installed another wordpress. My folder structure is like this

  • ROOT
    • wp-admin
    • wp-content
    • ..........
    • new
      • wp-admin
      • wp-content
      • ..........

So, basically, I have two wordpress installation, one in the root and another in a subfolder. Going to http://example.com, the main wordpress app works without any errors. Going to http://example.com/new, it also works. The problem is, clicking a post inside the new app redirect me to the main app. Clicking a post with a link http://example.com/new/post shows an error page. But that post exists within the new app.

Each app has their own DB

Thanks for responses!

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are you using same DB for both installation?? –  Libin Aug 31 '12 at 5:54

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You there is some problem in your permalink. check your permalink or, update your new database , as of now your database fetch values from old database...

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Go to your dashboard and choose Settings -> General

Then make sure that WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) correctly point to your new folder, that is http://example.com/new.

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