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Just wondering if anyone knows a way to simulate REST requests via a browser. I can do it programatically of course but its becoming tedious and it would be nice to somehow do it in chrome dev tools or through a plugin etc.

Can anyone suggest anything?

Thanks very much

P.S I have seen a couple of similar threads which were closed over a year ago and given that the tools suggested were all just for firebug, perhaps it's worth resurrecting this to keep the resource current.

EDIT I found one on the Chrome Addons Store thinggy called Rest Console which also seems to do the job

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May be UrlParams or Tamper Data can help. But

Modifying arbitrary HTTP traffic in Chrome is impossible, because Google hasn't exposed an API to extension developers yet that would make this possible. But I also doubt Google will expose such a low-level API in the future, because all their present APIs are pretty high-level.

as said in question Is there an extension like Tamperdata for Chrome?

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I've been using Advanced REST client on chrome.

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