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I have a Java/JSF web application deployed on Tomcat 6.24 and on UNIX system, and every now then it makes db connections to Oracle through JDBC. (And I'm closing every connection and I'm opening I double-checked that.)

The application works fine for the most part but some time later (3 hours, 6 hours etc) Tomcat stops responding (as if it's shut down, or never started) and I have to restart it. It adds no logs or whatsoever on catalina about the problem.

I tried to get thread dump on java.exe when this happens, but java.exe stops responding as well hence I can't see java thread logs. Thread dumps works fine when application is working.

I'm totally lost here. I need some advice, or someone pointing me a way out.

Thanks in advance.

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How is CPU and Memory usage looks when this happens ? On the side note, use Connection Pool instead of opening and closing connection every time. –  Santosh Aug 31 '12 at 6:21
Are you operating in a virtualized environment? What is the OS and architecture? –  Christopher Schultz Aug 31 '12 at 11:34
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