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I want to know if there's a way to filter the result from ORM. I wish to create a custom method to my Model, for example, one to filter the output from my Data Base. Right now, only is possible to filter the data from the POST in a form to save them into a Data Base, but, I want the opposite.

If I have one field on my table called "identification" with the value "8-985-256", I want that value as "08-0985-00256" (don't worry about how to add the extra zeros, that part is easy).

Let's say that I have a custom method on my Model called "format_identification". Then, I get the data using the ORM class like so:

$user = ORM::factory('user', 1);

I want to echo the identification, but, with the correct format:

echo $user->format_identification();

This should print "08-0985-00256". If I use the name of the field, that works, but, the format of the value not.

I hope you understand what I'm trying to do.

Thank you for your time.

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Add public method to your Model_User file called format_identification like:

<?php defined('SYSPATH') or die('No direct access allowed.');

class Model_User extends ORM {

    public function format_identification() {

        $identification_value = $this->identification;

        // Add the extra zeros to value

        return $identification_value;


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Excelent! Works perfect, just what I want :) many thanks. –  Ezequiel Villarreal Aug 31 '12 at 15:07

I think there is a better way to solve your problem:

class Model_User extends ORM {

    public function __get($column) {
         // Do your stuff
        return parent::__get($column);

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