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I am trying to write a script for matrix multiplication. Its just a basic program but I am not able to figure it out about the following error :

Global symbol "@ref_mat1" requires explicit package name at line 49.

Global symbol "@ref_mat2" requires explicit package name at line 49.

Below is my script :

 #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    use strict;

     my @mat1=(

    my @mat2=(

    my ($i, $j, $k);
    my $r_product=[];

   $r_product= mat_multiplication(\@mat1,\@mat2);

    sub mat_multiplication

         my ($ref_mat1,$ref_mat2)=@_;
                   my $sum=0;
            return $r_product;


    sub total_rows_column
              my($r_mat) =@_;
              my $num_row=@{$r_mat};
              my $num_col=@{$r_mat->[0]};

I searched for this problem and found one link

Explanation of 'global symbol requires explicit package name'

But still not able to resolve it. Please just have a look an let me know where am i doing mistake.


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Sorry but i don't know how to accept questions .That is the reason i did not do it – Maverick Aug 31 '12 at 7:10
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$ref_mat1 and $ref_mat2 are references to arrays. In Perl if you want to access a reference to an array you cannot use $reference[$idx] directly -- you have to use the -> operator after the reference like this: $ref_mat1->[0].

Without it Perl thinks that $ref_mat1[0] refers to an array @ref_mat1 which doesn't exist. Yes, both $var and @var can exist at the same time with differing content, see this example:

use strict;
use Data::Dumper;

my $abc = 42;
my @abc = (1, 2, 3);

print Dumper($abc), Dumper(\@abc);
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Thanks Moritz :) – Maverick Aug 31 '12 at 7:08

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