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I am migrating from one YAML based system to another, merging the data from one management style to the next.

In path/to/directory/one/, the filenames are foobar1.yml, foobar2.yml, ... In path/to/new/directory/two/ , the filenames are FooBar1.yml, FooBar3.yml, ...

In the original system, in path/to/directory/other/ there are filenames FooBar1.dat, FooBar2.dat. These match 1:1 with the files in path/to/directory/one/, with the exception that they have the correct case and different extensions and file contents.

I would like to use bash to read each of files in path/to/directory/one/, grab the lines that I need to import, change one of the lines, and write them to the correct corresponding file in path/to/new/directory/two/ matching the correct case, creating a new file if that file does not exist already.

Specifically, I am attempting to migrate a Minecraft plugin's data from Essentials to AdminCmd and WorldPos.

Here are examples of the various files and formats: http://pastebin.com/PMtCMXGt

First question here, so please let me know if I am being too specific or vague.

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2 Answers

Something like:

cd path/to/directory/one/
for f in *.yml
    grep 'whatyouwant' $f >> path/to/new/directory/two/$(sed 's/foobar/FooBar/' <<<$f)

We use a bash "here string" to build the new file names

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Perhaps this might work, but the filenames aren't all FooBar, but rather usernames, such as foojoe.yml, barnone732.yml, ohmygodausername.yml, and in the other directory FooJoe.dat, BarNone732.dat, OhMyGodAUserName.dat. –  WayGroovy Aug 31 '12 at 9:23
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I wrote the base of something which I think you can use. Let me know if it comes in handy or lacking


for f in $DIRONE/*.yml
    basename $f
done | sed -e 's/(.+)\.yml/\1/' | while read name; 

            # find a matching .dat file in $DIRTWO
            for f2 in $DIROTHER/*.dat
                    basename $f2
            done | sed -r 's/(.+)\.dat/\1 \L\1/' | while read nameOrig nameLower; 
                            if [ $nameLower -eq $name ]; then
                                    #nameLower is foobar1.yml in /path/to/dir/one
                                    #nameHigher is FooBar1.dat in /path/to/dir/two
                                    echo "$nameOrig matches $name"
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