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I'm looking at upgrading to smarty3, but lots and lots of functions have changed name.


has changed to


This function is used in hundreds of places, does anyone know if there was a method to this madness?

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As you can read in the README-file distributed with each Smarty-Download:

The Smarty 3 API has been refactored to a syntax geared for consistency and modularity. The Smarty 2 API syntax is still supported, but will throw a deprecation notice. You can disable the notices, but it is highly recommended to adjust your syntax to Smarty 3, as the Smarty 2 syntax must run through an extra rerouting wrapper.

The change has been made back in 2010 between Beta and RC phase of Smarty3.

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Not by anymeans ideal, but its very easy to add


to sysplugins/smarty_internal_data.php by making a copy of assignbyref

this avoids using the apparently quite slow smartyBC wrapper and seems to work fine.

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