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Is it possible to change the order of Nivo Slider controlNav dots?

DOM generated elements are like this:

<div class="nivo-controlNav">
    <a rel="0" class="nivo-control active">1</a>
    <a rel="1" class="nivo-control">2</a>
    <a rel="2" class="nivo-control">3</a>


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As this is created by slider.append() function in the jquery.nivo.slider.js file, I changed some values in that js file this way: vars.currentSlide++ to vars.currentSlide-- ; currentSlide-=2 to currentSlide+=2 ; startSlide=0 to startSlide=[number of slides-1] ; now the controlNav dots order changed to right to left! :) –  SadeghDev Oct 7 '12 at 7:16

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I changed the jquery.nivo.slider.js file like below: changes are commented!

        slider.append('<div class="nivo-directionNav"><a class="nivo-prevNav">'+ settings.prevText +'</a><a class="nivo-nextNav">'+ settings.nextText +'</a></div>');

        $('a.nivo-prevNav', slider).live('click', function(){
            if(vars.running) { return false; }
            timer = '';
            vars.currentSlide += 2; //changed from -=2
            nivoRun(slider, kids, settings, 'prev');

        $('a.nivo-nextNav', slider).live('click', function(){
            if(vars.running) { return false; }
            timer = '';
            nivoRun(slider, kids, settings, 'next');

and this parts:

vars.currentSlide--; //instead of ++
startSlide: 4, // change from 0 to [number of slides-1]
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