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I am having hundreds of files in a directory, and files are name with date as given below. How would I compare the same files of different date.

ex :


Compare the size of xyz-my_S1logfile.Aug.25.gz and bhd-my_S1logfile.Aug.30.gz
ddddf-my_S2logfie.Aug.25.gz and zsed-my_S2logfie.Aug.30.gz
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Why cant u use diff command ? – Akhil Thayyil Aug 31 '12 at 7:50
diff -qr one_2.txt one_3.txt Files one_2.txt and one_3.txt differ, How I get the exact value ? And also for large number of files. – user1638016 Aug 31 '12 at 7:59
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Unless I misunderstand your question, you want to find files with duplicate content within a directory. The standard way to do that is to generate a strong hash for the contents of each file. E.g. for SHA256 you can use the sha256sum tool:

sha256sum /my/dir/* > sha256sums.txt

or better yet:

find /my/dir -type f -print0 | xargs -r0 sha256sum > sha256sums.txt

Considering that no collisions have been found for any variant of SHA-2 yet, you can be reasonably confident that any files with the same hash are identical. You can then use sort and uniq to find the duplicate hashes with an occurrence count for each:

cat sha256sums.txt | sort | cut -b -32 | uniq -cd | sort -nr

You can then grep your sha256sums.txt file for each duplicate hash for the corresponding list of files.

Or, if you want an automated tool, you could try FsLint, which supports finding duplicate files.

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