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I have a problem that I need to send a message to some of my friends on facebook and it is wasting time to send message individually to each one

also I want to be able to send a post that including Image and text to some facebook groups for marketing purpose to my facebook page

So I think that I can find a program that can help me do that or even some code example that can do that, or may be I will need to make my own program, but I never deal with facebook platform before

so please if any one can help I will be thankful

Thanks in Advance

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Possible duplicate of… – 5arx Aug 31 '12 at 8:07

This is straightforward with Windows PowerShell and For example

Get-Friends | Show-FBMessageDialog -Link

displays a dialog to send a message to all your friends (or you can add a filter to the command). I have used this to send a message to over a thousand people. This is not completely automated (Facebook API restriction), it will show one dialog for each 50 recipients.

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