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I'm would like to create a formula I have, into Objective C code.

float loanP = ((interestRate/100/12) *loanAmount) /(1-(1+(interestRate/100/12))^- loanTens)

Is there some notation I should be using for the



Many Thanks, -Code

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objective C has all the libraries and classes which were in C/C++. We have some math classes to perform math functions.

import math.h file

which has math functions useful to you.

here you need power operation i think so.

this will be something like this

int a = pow(10,4);

have a look at the available functions in the math.h and make use of it.

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Use pow:

float loanP = ((interestRate/100/12) *loanAmount) / pow(1-(1+(interestRate/100/12)), -loanTens);
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Use pow function or u can define value of (1+(interestRate/100/12))^- loanTens using your own code.

int value= 1 + (interestRate/100/12);
int total =1;
  for(int i =1;i<=loanTens;i++){
total = total*value;
float loanP = ((interestRate/100/12) *loanAmount) /(1-(1/total));

or second method:

float loanP = ((interestRate/100/12) *loanAmount) / (1 - 1/(pow((1+(interestRate/100/12)), loanTens)));
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