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My site uses URLs like example.de/user1 or example.de/project33, which can be rewritten by an .htaccess-file.

The string after the slash is choosen by a user.

My problem is, that some URLs are user profile links and should be rewritten to profile.php?id=... and some URLs are project-links, which should be rewritten to project.php...

How can you handle it?

I thought about a HTTP header, which trigger a rewriteCondition (like -l, -f, -d etc...).

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Since you have no way to determine the appropriate target just by looking at the URL alone, you are going to need a dispatcher-style script to which you redirect all those requests, and that script then takes the decision for the final redirect towards profile.php or project.php. Can't happen in mod_rewrite otherwise, as it does not have any knowledge of your custom-URL database.

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Without actually testing whether the string after the slash is a user or a project, you'd need something else to let mod_rewrite know which is which, because you could potentially have a username the same as a project name. Something like:


And so the rules would make sure to match against the u or p (or whatever you choose to make them:

RewriteRule ^u/(.*)$ /profile.php?id=$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^p/(.*)$ /project.php?id=$1 [L]
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