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It seems that method: 'feed' within FB.ui() using FB JavaScript SDK is broken. Consider the following example:

  • Having an app running as Page Tab on a FB page AND Canvas-App
  • All needed fields in the app section are filled out correctly
  • Using FB.ui() with method: 'feed' to let a user tell someone about it
  • The link-Property of method: 'feed' is set the Canvas-URL and for testing to the Page Tab URL of the app
  • Everything worked for us until a few days ago (don't remember the exact day)
  • Debugged over and over and couldn't find a bug

We always get the following error, now even with apps that formerly worked:

"An error occurred with xxx. Please try again later.
API Error Code: 191
API Error Description: The specified URL is not owned by the application
Error Message: redirect_uri is not owned by the application."

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At least you got an error message. I've the same but the following : "An error occurred with xxx. Please try again later." No error code or something.

Did you changed something on your app config ? Your error code might means :

  • bad redirect_uri (mb you hav'nt the same appId or something)
  • You just changed your app domain name and your redirect uri isn't in the same domain

Try to access your app with your redirect_uri, if an error shows up you need to fix your redirect.

Good luck !

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