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Is there default way to apply localization packet globaly to all Application from /extjs/locale/ in ExtJS 4.1 MVC?

Maybe some Ext.Application or Ext.Loader metods/properties?

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I don't think so. You have to load the appropriate file in extjs/locale/

For example(tomcat server), in index.jsp You can do something like

<script type="text/javascript" src="extjs/locale/ext-lang-<%=language %>.js"></script>
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I've loaded locale file but it has no effect. –  s.webbandit Aug 31 '12 at 11:03
Load it after load bootstrap.js –  ypan Aug 31 '12 at 11:33
I did, but for example my LoadMask remains engish. Should I use specific Classes in extends property of my loaded classes? –  s.webbandit Aug 31 '12 at 11:53
ypan's answer is correct. Standard ExtJs components should be localized when including the proper locale file before application startup. Don't you see any localized texts, e.g. when loading a Ext.MessageBox or a date form field? You will have to provide more information on what you are doing => show us some code! –  mistaecko Aug 31 '12 at 17:00
Loadmask's default msg is not localized I think.So what you can do is to use new Ext.LoadMask(myPanel, {msg:'<spring:message code="Loading" />'}); if you use java enviroment, and localize the key "Loading". –  ypan Sep 1 '12 at 17:14

(You can also load locale file dynamically via JS)

To localizate Built-in Ext JS component, add the following code your app.js: launch: function() { var head = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; var script = document.createElement('script'); script.type = 'text/javascript'; script.src = "extjs/locale/ext-lang-US"; head.appendChild(script); }

To localizate custom Ext JS component, use Locale.js. We have used it in two Ext JS projects. Pretty simple.

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