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Do you have any bash solution to remove N lines from stdout?

like a 'head' command, print all lines, only except last N

Simple solition on bash:

find ./test_dir/ | sed '$d' | sed '$d' | sed '$d' | ...

but i need to copy sed command N times

Any better solution? except awk, python etc...

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possible duplicate of Print a file skipping X lines in Bash – Let_Me_Be Aug 31 '12 at 8:58
That link is for skipping the first X lines, not the last X lines. – chepner Aug 31 '12 at 15:22

if head -n -3 filename doesn't work on your system (like mine), you could also try the following approach (and maybe alias it or create a function in your .bashrc)

head -`echo "$(wc -l filename)" | awk '{ print $1 - 3; }'` filename

Where filename and 3 above are your file and number of lines respectively.

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Use head with a negative number. In my example it will print all lines but last 3:

head -n -3 infile
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