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I have a GridView with SemanticZoom, that displays grouped data. It works well. But I want to know how to scroll to specified group with code. Just like one click on the Zoomed Out View. I searched and tried,but cann't find the answer. the SelectedIndex and SelectedItem does not work.

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I have wrote this article on my blog about this issue. Basicly I provide two 'views' of the items, one of them in a GridView and other in a FlipView.

When user zoom in a GridView Item the SemanticZoom change to FlipView and set as current item the item selected in GridView.

The article is in spanish, my native language, I hope this is not a big problem for you.

Make Zoom in a FlipView is not a trivial issue, but in the article I fix this issue using a SemanticViewHost class created by another Microsoft MVP: Luis Guerrero in this article:

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