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this is my sample text file :

this should be removed
this should be there

for which i want o/p as :


this should be there

Basically i m trying to find lines between "//<<>>" (including these lines too) and delete them.

I tried using sed

sed -n '1h;1!H;${;g;s/\/\/<<]*TAG>>>//g;p;}' < test.txt

But some how it did not produced correct output. The second tag which contained ">" symbol failed in regex. Not sure where i m going wrong?

Any idea how to do it ?

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In your output, are you sure you want a blank line between asdas and 'this should be there'? –  William Pursell Aug 3 '09 at 11:07

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If you are trying to delete lines with the literal text 'TAG', try:

sed '/\/\/<<<TAG/,/\/\/TAG>>>/d'

From your comments, it appears that TAG may not be literal, in which case:

sed '/^\/\/<</,/^\/\/.*>>/d'

This can be simplified by using a different delimiter:

sed '@^//<<<@,@^//.*>>>@d'
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Google searches for "sed one-liners" often are very helpful - sed.sourceforge.net/sed1line.txt should be one of the first results, and contains this one among many others. –  Jefromi Aug 3 '09 at 16:44

Rather than using the sed solution I gave, you might like either of these in perl and awk:

perl -ne 'print if !( m@//<<<TAG@ .. m@//TAG>>>@ )'
awk '/\/\/<<<TAG/,/\/\/TAG>>>/ {next} 1'

Given that I think you really do not want TAG to be a constant, the cleanest solution I know of is the perl variant:

perl -ne 'print if !( m@^//<<<(.*)@ .. m@^//$1>>>$@ )'
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In addition the search delimiters in sed can be changed by escaping the first delimiter:

sed '\|^//<<<|,\|^//.*>>>|d' file

Awk version the matches the end with the same tag name:

awk -F'//<<<|//|>>>' '$2{p=$2; while(getline && p!=$2); next}1' file
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will try out... –  rbawaskar Mar 8 '13 at 18:04

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