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Similar questions were asked about 2 years ago.

Bug tracking/project management software

Project management with bug tracking integrated

I'm hoping there have been improvements since then and people will have new suggestions...

I'll start with a suggestion for Project Management: Trello.

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Check out Countersoft Gemini.

We released v5 last week and is the first biz app built on ASP.NET MVC4.

The navigation approach we took has a Metro-esque look and feel -- something that's different from the norm.

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Well, for bug tracking I prefer to use Bugzilla and for time tracking I used Time Doctor. I’ve been using these software for almost a year already and they’re absolutely good in terms of reliability and usage.

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Check out ]project-open[. It's an open-source project & portfolio management server that also includes a strong ticket system with dynamic fields, workflows etc. You can also integrate tickets into projects as WBA elements by including a "SLA" (service level agreement - this is specific type of project) as part of a larger projects. The SLA acts as a container for tickets, so that each project can have it's associated bug-tracker. You can log hours on both tickets, tasks and projects.

Affiliation note: I'm a member of the ]po[ team.

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I created a time tracking tool for Trello called reportsfortrello.com. It can show the recent activity of your members in various ways. Want to know who worked on the most cards? Want to know how long each person worked on a card? The site tracks time three different ways by only using Trello.

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