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I am newbie to Play 2 framework. I came across to SECURESOCIAL login system, but on it's github site, it is mentioned that it currently doesn't support YAHOO and LINKEDIN. Can some one guide me better solution.

Thanks in advance

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You can take a look at this other module: play-authenticate

But you'll have to write your own providers for Yahoo and LinkedIn.

Yahoo uses a OpenID 2.0 method, a doc can be found here.

LinkedIn uses a Oauth 1.0a method (such as Twitter), a doc can be found here.

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I've created what you're looking for : a Play 2.x client in Scala and Java which supports OAuth/CAS/OpenID/HTTP authentication and user profile retrieval : https://github.com/leleuj/play-pac4j.

For OAuth support, it's based on Scribe and supports Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, DropBox, Github, Windows live, WordPress...

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