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Is there a way to get list of Shelvesets ( not shelveset details ) done using a Gated Checkin from commandline

will tf.exe history command list out shelvsets ??

NOTE : There is one shelveset command , but this command expects shelveset name to list its details,my requirement is to get the list of shelvesets



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I am not clear on exactly what you want to accomplish, but tf shelvesets may do the trick. For example, try the following command:

tf shelvesets /owner * | findstr Gated_

This will list gated check-in shelvesets.


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Hi Ed Hintz, Thanks for your reply,my requirement is to get the shelveset name and details which caused a build failure due to incorrect checkins ( Gated Checkin ). command which you mentioned tf shelvesets /owner * | findstr Gated_ works well only when i know who the owner is ( anybody from team can checkin the code ) im looking for something like , pusedo code : tf.exe shelvesets previoubuild~currentbuild Hope im clear – Sunil Vurity Sep 4 '12 at 15:41

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