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The network tab on chrome developer toolbar is great, but I'd like to see what protocol was used to transfer the resource (http or https).. anyone know how I can do this, or if there's an extension to allow me to do something similar.


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Well, this is 2016 and now you can have a column for protocols in your chrome devtools. All you have to do is:

1) open your networks tab in devtools and right click on any of column headers to open the "select columns" popup

2) select protocol (or any other desired column) for it to appear in the panel

enter image description here

And that's it!

enter image description here

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Click on the resource in the "Name" column (on the very left), then select the "Headers" tab. The first line will look like this:

Request URL: How can I view the protocol used in chrome developer tools network tab?

The request url contains the protocol.

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Shame you can't get it in a new column :/ – John Hunt Feb 4 '13 at 12:56
A pitty you can't filter by protocol in the network tab :/ – Fernando Jan 26 at 10:09
yay recursive answer – Gordon Apr 27 at 22:40
now you can. i have shown it in my answer below (the question was marked "answered", but still) stackoverflow.com/questions/12213421/… – zhirzh Jun 28 at 19:28

You could use the JavaScript console by entering:


This will return you a string of the used network protocol, such as:

  • "https:"


  • "http:"
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