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Please any one suggest some jar files, Which is the functionality iplanet web server jars (KFCJDK11.jar and KOCLJDK11.jar ) does in websphere Application Server 6.1 jars does.

we are  using  from iplanet jar
    1. AppLogic
    2. TempletDataBasic
    3. TempletMapBasic
    4. ITemplateData
    5. IDataConn
    6. IQuery
    7. IResultSet
    8. IValList
    9. IAppLogic
    10. ISession2

I'm doing migration work , from "Oracle Iplanet Web Server" to "IBM Websphere Application Server".

I'm facing difficulty in migrating the code, please help me any to solve this problem.

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Those classes look like non-standard ones, thus probably have no equivalents at all in WebSphere. That's a risk you take when you code a Java EE application to a specific server's API.

You'll have to understand exactly what each class does and find a Java EE-generic or WebSphere-specific way to duplicate those capabilities. I don't expect anyone here on StackOverflow to be able to provide you that list.

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