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I was using event.unicode for this task previously. If I hit shift+9, then the event for the key down has a unicode attribute of '('. And if I hit shift+alt+9, then the event for the key down has a unicode attribute of '(', and the keyboard also sends a keydown for an alt key, so that I know one was pressed.

If, however, I press ctrl+shift+9, then event.unicode == u''. How do I get u'(' back from that?

(similarly, for ctrl+shift+a, I get '\x01')

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Well, all keystrokes you revieve while CTRL is pressed are "altered", since this was the whole intention for creating the CTRL key: Sending control instructions instead of simply text.

If you look at a ASCII table, you'll see e.g. how CTRL+H maps to the control character BS (Backspace).

So, no chance for you here to recieve '(' on CTRL+SHIFT+9 simply through KEY_DOWN.

You'll have to go through pygame.key.get_pressed() to check for pressed keys.

    if e.type == KEYDOWN:
        k = pygame.key.get_pressed()
        m = pygame.key.get_mods()
        if m & KMOD_SHIFT and k[K_9]:
            if m & KMOD_CTRL:
                print "controlled yay!"
                print "yay!"
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Argh, that's unfortunate. Solution won't work, but I'm glad to have some verification that I'm facing the impossible here. :( –  Devin Jeanpierre Aug 31 '12 at 11:39

There is probably an easier way to do this, but you could get the state of all the keys on the keyboard using pygame.key.get_pressed() and then check to see if the two keys pressed are the control, shift, and 9 keys. then you could manually return the string "ctrl+(" instead of getting that from a function. Not sure if there is a really elegant way to do this though.

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To check for CTRL+t:

for event in pygame.event.get(): if event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN: keys = pygame.key.get_pressed() if keys[pygame.K_LCTRL]: if event.key == pygame.K_t:

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