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I have decided to use spring security UI in my grails application. It uses the Register layout but I want it to use my main layout. When I change it the main layout I loose all the fancy looking login screen.

Is there a way I can use the css from my main aswell as the fancy look of the register layouts?

Also I have been searching the net and can not find any good documentation on customizing the Spring security UI

I am very new to creating web UI's in grails and any ideas on where to look would be great as I have a lot of "making stuff pretty" things to do.


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Spring security UI uses the resource plugin to configure its apparency. It configures three 'modules' that you can use: spring-security-ui, register and ajax-login You need to include the modules in you gsp header, something like

<r:require modules="spring-security-ui"/>
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The register module removes my css is there anything i do to change this? – Sagarmichael Aug 31 '12 at 12:42

I open another answer because I cannot format my code in comment.

You can create your module and register it in your page or layer. Resource are created in grails-app/config directory. You create a file YourModuleResources.groovy and put your css in it. e.g:

modules = {
    mystyles {
        resource url: 'js/myjavascripts.js'
        resource url: 'css/mystyle1.css'
        resource url: 'css/mystyle2.css'

Then you can use

<r:require modules="mystyles"/>
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Please edit your original answer to add the new information rather than creating a new answer. – cdeszaq Aug 31 '12 at 15:24

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